Pastor Reportedly Tried To Fry McDonald’s Cook Over Dispute

A pastor named Dwayne Waden has found himself in hot water — or shall we say hot oil — after being arrested for attacking a McDonald’s cook. Additionally, Wayden allegedly attempted to throw the man in a fryer.

This wasn’t some biblical reenactment of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace. No, this was a modern-day fast food fiasco ignited by what Waden perceived as “disrespect” toward his wife.

The Pastor Came To The Branch Over A Dispute Between His Wife And A Staff Member

According to Business Insider, the incident occurred in High Point, North Carolina, on Thursday (December 28) when Waden’s wife, Latoya Gladney, the manager-in-training, had a heated dispute with one of the staff members, Theodore Garlington.

Gladney didn’t hesitate to call her husband over the matter, as she later told police that the cook had “disrespected” her during their quarrel. However, it’s unclear how the argument had initially started.

Waden, who must’ve missed the sermon about turning the other cheek, decided that the best response was not to shower the cook with holy water but rather to introduce him to the holy oil in McDonald’s deep fryer.

When Waden showed up at the branch, court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun allege that he went straight around the counter and launched a full-on attack on the employee by repeatedly punching him in the face.

Waden allegedly grabbed the cook’s neck and pushed his head towards the deep fryer.

Several employees quickly intervened to prevent the situation from escalating before cops eventually arrived at the scene.

The Pastor’s Attack Subsequently Landed The Cook In Hospital

The police report revealed that the victim had noticeable wounds, including a large contusion to the forehead, a blow to the right eye, and scratches on his neck.

The severity of his injuries necessitated immediate transportation to a nearby hospital for treatment, while cops seized the CCTV footage from the fast-food restaurant.

Police subsequently arrested the pastor after reviewing the footage and charged him with assault, with a trial date set for January 22. The report indicated that his bail bond was $1,000.

“The listed witnesses advised that the offender came into the McDonalds on S Main Street, walked around the counter and placed his hands around the neck of the victim pushing his head toward the deep fryer. The offender also punched the offender several times on the face, and did not stop until several employees pulled the offender off of the victim,” the investigation report read, per The Smoking Gun.

According to his Facebook page, Waden is a pastor at the Elevated Life International Ministries and works part-time as a semi-truck driver.

He’ll have quite the story to tell during his next church service, that’s for sure.

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