Pennsylvania Man Fatally Stabs Neighbor Over “Loud Snoring”

A Pennsylvania man is currently behind bars after fatally stabbing his neighbor. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the deadly dispute erupted over “loud snoring.”

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More Details Regarding What Police Discovered

According to NBC Philadelphia, Upper Moreland Police responded to the home of 55-year-old Christopher Casey on Sunday, January 14. Casey placed a call at 6:34 p.m. to report a stabbing at his residence.

When officers arrived, they reportedly found 62-year-old Robert Wallace fifty feet from Casey’s home. Additionally, the man was found with multiple stab wounds.

The 62-year-old was transported to Jefferson Abington Hospital. However, he was pronounced dead at 7:06 p.m.

Casey was also transported to the facility as he needed to be treated for a stab wound on his right thigh.

Authorities reportedly discovered a “large military-style knife,” a cell phone, and a window screen at the scene.

Here’s What Allegedly Took Place

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Wallace removed one of the window screens from Casey’s home when he attempted to enter the residence on Sunday.

Prosecutors allege that Wallace threatened to kill Casey over his “loud snoring,” per NBC Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer adds that Casey’s alleged snoring could be heard through the shared wall in their duplex.

At this point, Wallace hadn’t entered the residence. However, an argument ensued between the men, which lasted about 20 minutes.

Casey told authorities that Wallace eventually calmed down. He alleged the 62-year-old even offered to pay for corrective surgery to help curb his snoring.

However, when Casey opened his front door to speak face-to-face with Wallace, he admitted to stabbing the 62-year-old three times in the chest. Additionally, Casey explained that he accidentally stabbed himself in the leg in the process.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Casey told authorities he didn’t believe Wallace’s statements were genuine.

To note, the fatal incident was one of many disputes authorities have reportedly responded to between Casey and Wallace over the last 18 months.

More Information Regarding The Pennsylvania Man’s Charges

According to the outlet, Casey was charged with third-degree murder on Thursday, January 18. He has also been charged with voluntary manslaughter and other related crimes after admitting that he possessed a concealed knife and taser when opening the door for Wallace.

The Philadelphia Inquirer adds that as of Friday, Casey remains in custody with a set bail of $1 million.

The man is scheduled to appear before a judge for a preliminary hearing on January 29.

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