Polo G’s Mom Addresses Shooting At Daughter Leilani In Viral Clip

Polo G’s mom, Stacia Mac, recently spoke out after video footage showed her shooting at her daughter, Leilani Capalot.

XXL reports the rapper’s sister also took to social media to speak about the shocking incident.

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Viral Video Captures Polo G’s Mom, Stacia Mac, Shooting At Her Daughter

It has not been confirmed when the incident took place. However, Leilani took to Instagram in April 2023 to state that she had an altercation with her mom.

Then, on June 21, a video began circulating of Stacia shooting at Leilani. The clip went viral quickly.

In the video, Polo’s mom is seen charging out of her mansion as she yells, “Get off my s***. You tough b****? You tough b****?”  She continues to walk to her daughter before shots ring out. Someone, most likely Leilani, then screams.

As Mac walks away from the scene, she still appears angry.

Stacia and Leilani Respond On Social Media

Stacia took to social media to share her perspective, claiming she was “attacked” after her daughter had a “manic episode.” 

Polo’s mom posted on her Instagram Stories, “For the past two years you’ve struggled. That struggle affected us all. Me more so bc as a REAL mom. I was front line.” She continued, You’ve been self coping/medicating drinking and passing out everywhere. You’ve refused treatment time and time again. YOU WERE HAVING A MANIC EPISODE AND ATTACKED ME IN MY HOME.”

Furthermore, she claimed that she “wanted [her] off property not hurt.” Mac also claimed that her daughter was jealous of her.

Leilani responded, stating she “…was attacked verbally, emotionally, physically…” and “consistently provoked” by her mother. She admitted to having a “manic episode” that was “TRIGGERED” by her mother’s actions towards her. Furthermore, Polo’s sis also said she’s “never seen a 45 year old” try to be a “gang chief/thug so bad.” She also stated that the camera footage revealed her “true character.” Moreover, Leilani wished Stacia healing. She said, “May God heal the jealousy and envy you have in your heart for your own flesh and blood.”

As previously reported by The Shade Room, in addition to the drama with his mom and sister, the ‘Through Da Storm’ rapper is facing legal trouble. Polo and his younger brother were charged with felony offenses after a raid at the entertainer’s home in 2023. They were arrested and later released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Check out Stacia and Leilani’s exchange below:

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