Psoriasis Reason Behind Tan Beds In Office

Kim Kardashian is setting things straight by letting fans know the real reason she has tanning beds set up at her office.

When you’ve got money like the Skims founder, worth a reported $1.2 billion, you can practically buy whatever you like.

Kim Kardashian Receives Backlash Over TikTok Challenge

And earlier this week, Kardashian joined the “Of course” challenge on TikTok as she showed off her extravagant office.

Kim K was showing fans around her fancy workplace, from walls covered in her magazine covers to a mannequin with her custom measurements.

But it was the two tanning beds towards the end of the video that sparked quite the debate on social media.

“I’m Kim Kardashian, of course, I have a tanning bed,” she gleefully said.

While some fans appeared to be living for the unexpected reveal, others criticized her for seemingly promoting the use of tanning, known to cause skin cancer.

According to Allure, who cites the Skin Cancer Foundation, over 400,000 cases of skin cancer are related to indoor tanning emerge in the U.S. every year.

Meanwhile, in 2014, the FDA reclassified UV tanning from low risk to moderate-to-high risk for causing cancer.

Kim Kardashian Responds To Criticism

When the TV personality got wind of a tweet from the magazine urging her not to “normalize” tanning beds, she didn’t hesitate to respond.

“I have psoriasis and it really helps when it’s bad,” she responded in a quote retweeted message. “But I don’t use it too often.”

The mom of four has always been transparent about her long-term battle with the skin condition, which causes red, itchy patches on her body.

It’s also believed that Kardashian isn’t necessarily using the tanning bed for a sun-kissed glow. It simply helps dampen the appearance of her outbreaks.

Phototherapy is believed to use ultraviolet (UV) light on the skin to reduce signs of psoriasis and eczema conditions.

While UVB phototherapy is a common treatment for Kardashian’s skin condition and other celebrities, tanning beds usually release UVA light, per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily have the same therapeutic benefits.

Social Media Reacts

On X, formerly known as Twitter, fans were quick to come to Kardashian’s defense, with one user by the name @dinopostedthat writing:

“All Kim does is be rich and a mind her business and yall try to demonize her.”

Another person shared similar thoughts, adding:

“you don’t gotta explain yourself to them. your body, your choice.”

The account @MelanomaAustralia begged to differ, arguing that Kardashian should use her voice to steer people away from the use of tan beds, not the other way around.

“There is no level of ‘safe’ sunbed use. They drastically increase melanoma risk. Please don’t try to legitimise their use. Please use your profile to instead promote sun safety – imagine the life saving impacts that could have across the globe.”

It’s also important to note that Kardashian’s approach to managing her psoriasis is personal and should not be taken as general advice by fans with similar conditions.

With that said, the punchline of the whole thing is that it’s so absolutely Kim. Who else could turn psoriasis and tanning beds into a viral internet sensation?

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