Remy Ma, Papoose Spark Breakup Rumors Over Alleged Infidelity

Papoose and Remy Ma’s relationship is causing a stir on social media over claims the pair may have called it quits due to infidelity.

The talk of a possible split between the two artists has been simmering quietly. But recent events have brought the speculation to a boil!

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Cheating Rumors Surrounded Remy & Pap All Year

On June 17, reports surfaced that Papoose and battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain had allegedly engaged in a physical altercation.

The talk was that Eazy, The Block Captain had gotten a bit too close to Remy at her Chrome 23 rap event. According to The Star Report, Papoose allegedly knocked Eazy to the floor, forcing attendees to leave the event venue.

However, just hours after the event, the ‘Secret Location’ rapper denied claims of a scuffle between her husband and Eazy with a post on X.

“I’d like to apologize to everyone that was disappointed tonight because we couldn’t get 3 full rounds from all the opponents… I tried …and can y’all pleasee STOP with the Eazy & Pap LIES,” she posted.  

Then, in September, a video of Eazy battle-rapping lyricist Geechi Gotti at another Chrome 23 event surfaced. At one point, Geechi boldly accused his opponent of hooking up with Remy, per Madame Noir. He rapped about Papoose and Remy’s public representation of Black love.

“I don’t give a f—k if you’re f—king this n—a, just tell him to stop screwing the business,” Geechi spit, speaking to Remy in front of Eazy. “Y’all the poster child symbol for Black love/ Every interview he show his admiration and tell the world how he think his woman the greatest/ N—a he held you down in prison for six years, I know it was not nice, he cried big tears. He stood by you by your biggest accomplishments front row giving you big cheers / Man, you got a beautiful baby girl who is also amazing,” he continued. “He’ll be damned if he lose you to this bozo in braces.”

This instantly left a lot of social media users speculating whether the alleged incident in June was true and what its impact was on Papoose and Remy’s marriage.

Alleged Audio Leaks Of Eazy Admitting To Cheating With Remy

Ahead of his battle rap against John John Da Don on Monday (December 24), Eazy found himself in hot water again. His opponent obtained alleged audio of him admitting to cheating with Remy while she was still with Papoose.

John post-and-deleted the clip on his Instagram page shortly before going head-to-head in a rap battle against Eazy. But social media didn’t take long to pick up and repost the audio all over.

In the clip, a voice allegedly belonging to Eazy tells someone on a phone call how he slept with another man’s woman. Then, the voice brings up the name “Rem.”

The man in the recording mentions that the woman’s significant other was after him.

The man is heard saying, “Yo we was f***ing with each other. She was cheating on [inaudible] such and such, whatever happened.

“I should have known, me being in f***ing New York. Me being at Rem jawn, I know I’m fucking his bitch. I knew this n-gga should have been plotting on me because I would have been doing the same thing.”

Listen to the audio here.

HipHopDX obtained a screenshot of an Instagram comment section where Eazy seemingly attempted to clear his name. He accused John John of being “weird” and responded to another user saying, “All the recordings they got from is edited.” He alleged that there was a “real recording” his battle opponent didn’t want the public “to hear.”

You really dropped an edited recording on me,” Eazy wrote. This is not going to end good for u.

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