Resurfaced Video Shows Lil Scrappy Claiming He’s Single

Lil Scrappy is finally clearing the air on his relationship status! This comes after weeks of a speculated rekindled romance with Erica Dixon and his ex Diamond throwing a lil’ shade during a recent interview. According to Scrappy, despite what the innanet streets are saying, he’s a single man!

Lil Scrappy revealed his single status in a clip Live Bitez shared on Jan. 13. The minute-long video appears to be from a recent Instagram Live session that lasted well over five minutes, per Mela Fiya on YouTube. Live Bitez’s video starts with Scrappy seemingly responding to a commenter.

“Who? I ain’t back together with nobody. Hold on. Somebody’s dumb right? Who’s dumb talking ’bout I’m back with somebody,” Scrappy said. “Yes, I’m single, single as f**k. Y’all know how I am when I got a woman. I’m promoting her, she’s gon’ be right there with me.”

Scrappy went on to clarify that he wasn’t intoxicated and had been “fasting.” When someone asked him about “flirting,” he responded, “I’m always flirting, I’m single I can do whatever the f**k I wanna do.” 

Watch Lil Scrappy clear the air below.

Lil Scrappy Shares Video Alone In His Bed

As mentioned, the “single” clip appears to be an excerpt of a longer chat Scrappy had with fans on live. In the longer video, he also talked about loving the “space” he’s in, a.k.a. doing what he wants without input from a partner. He mentioned that it’s just him and “his babies,” whom he puts above all else.

For context, Scrappy shares his eldest daughter, Emani, with Erica Dixon and has twin daughters with his ex-wife, Bambi.

“I don’t give a f**k about no woman, nothing. I like the space I’m in. It took a long time to get here, it took a long time. If y’all go back and look at any my stuff, I didn’t like to post alot when I was married. I couldn’t do nothing, even if it was just the split screen sh*t, somebody would have a problem,” Scrappy said, seemingly referencing Bambi.

Watch the rest of his comments below.

In the video above, Scrappy added that he no longer “cares about the lies being told” but didn’t clarify which lies. Again, his comments seem to follow the release of Diamond’s interview with Carlos King last week.

In the interview, Diamond called out Erica Dixon for being “so invested” in Lil Scrappy. She also said Dixon was “never the main chick…always number two.”

Scrappy seemingly responded, saying, “Somebody’s mad cause Scrap don’t wanna be with them.” Diamond clapped back, dropping receipts of Scrappy telling her he loves her in December.

On Monday (Jan. 15), he shared a video of himself from his “empty” bed and joked about sleeping daily next to a pillow featuring his kids.

Watch below.

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