Reveals Brandy Reaction To Face Tattoos & If They’re Real

Ray J has returned to social media to share how his sister Brandy has reacted to his new face tattoos and address those who believe they aren’t real.

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Ray J Shares Brandy’s Reaction To His New Ink

On Wednesday, April 24, the ‘One Wish’ singer took to Instagram Live to speak with fans. Upon hopping on, the father of two shared how people have reacted to his new face ink.

“I decided to go live ’cause, um, a lot of people have been calling me, and they’re saying, ‘We’re praying for you,’ and s**t,” he explained in footage captured by Instagram user @livebitez. “My sister called me and s**t… It’s crazy.”

At some point during the livestream, Ray J elaborated on his sister’s reaction.

“My sister hit me and said, ‘Yo, your last post that you posted — like, take that s**t down,’ right? The one where I was talking about me having test and not being attractive and s**t,” Ray J explained. “She said I didn’t look clean. I look dirty. My mouth was chapped. I got white s**t coming all out my mouth… didn’t have no water. So I took it down. You know what I’m saying?”

The Singer Addresses Those Who Believe His Ink Isn’t Real

The 43-year-old went on to acknowledge that “now everybody” is “thinking” he’s crazy. But Ray explained that he’s committed to rocking his new ink despite already being told he would need to cover his tattoos up for television and film opportunities.

“Why? Why I gotta cover my s**t up?” Ray J asked. “[Sic] keep telling me that the s**t [tattoos] ain’t real but I keep scratching it and scratching it, and the s**t ain’t coming off. It’s not real. It’s real. It’s real. It’s not real — what the f**k does it matter? My daughter like her name right there, my son like his name… They like it.”

Later in the stream, the ‘One Wish’ singer again acknowledged that some people believe he is going through a “crisis.” He explained that he appreciates the public’s “support” and prayers, “but it ain’t like that.”

“What the face represents is me letting people know: don’t call me for auditions for movies. Don’t tell me you want me to host ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and s**t. ‘Cause I don’t care,” Ray J explained. “…That’s the s**t I wanted to do before I understood how to just do s**t myself… I’m never gonna audition for a n***a ever again. Why would I audition for a movie when I could just shoot my movie, put it up, and make money?…”

Ultimately, Ray J revealed that Brandy is “mad” at him because she doesn’t “want” his face tattoos or for him to speak online.

Watch the singer’s full livestream below.

Here’s How The Singer Showed His New Face Tattoos To The World

As The Shade Room previously reported, a YouTube video of Ray J surfaced on Sunday, April 21, showing him with the new ink. The video appeared to feature clips from the singer’s recent Instagram Live, during which he showed up-close shots of the new tattoos.

To note, Ray J’s face tattoos apparently include a logo of his TV network, Tronix, his son’s name, Epik, his daughter’s name, Melody, and a more recently added letter “P.”

At the time, the 43-year-old explained that he got the face ink “on purpose” because he didn’t “want another call time.”

“I only want to make the call time,” he said. “And what better way to do that than decorating your body with what you believe in… I love ’em… I just don’t ever — and wouldn’t even know how to give a f**k. I don’t care.”

At the time, Ray J also shared his initial reaction to those who showed concern after he revealed his new ink.

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