Rubi Rose Reacts To Arrival Of DDG & Halle Bailey’s Child (Video)

Rubi Rose is congratulating DDG and Halle Bailey on their newborn son!

Logan Paul and Mike Majlak were interviewing Rubi on the ‘imPAULSIVE’ podcast when the topic popped up. The ‘Big Mouth’ rapper kept her comments on the new parents brief and light.

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In the middle of explaining her OnlyFans journey, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend,  DDG, encouraged her to join the platform. This happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, after he had joined and noted the money-maker benefits.

Mike cut into Rubi’s answer, mentioning that DDG welcomed a child. Rubi acknowledged the comment. She responded, “He did; congratulations to them!” 

When she tried to continue the conversation, Mike interjected again. This time, he asked how Rubi felt about DDG and Halle’s relationship development.

“I love children, and he has been wanting a child, so I think that’s lovely for them,” Rubi said of DDG and Halle.

Again, Mike followed up, asking if Rubi had any ill feelings. She replied, “No ill feelings, absolutely not, it’s a baby.” 

Following that clarification, Rubi pivoted back to speaking on joining OnlyFans. She affirmed that DDG told her to do it but added that multiple people had told her the same.

“People have been telling me to do it because I would twerk on Instagram for fun already,” Rubi said.

See Rubi Rose congratulate DDG on becoming a father below.

Halle and DDG welcomed their son, Halo, sometime in 2023, choosing to keep the pregnancy under wraps despite reoccurring rumors about it. On January 7, DDG shared a YouTube vlog featuring unseen moments from the pregnancy, including Halle’s baby bump.

Rubi Rose & DDG Had A Lil’ Online Feud Last Year

Rubi’s gracious energy toward DDG and Halle is making its rounds, given how she and her ex tussled online last February.

As previously reported, Rubi Rose first sparked the drama after suggesting that DDG had Halle wearing her old shirt. She didn’t name-drop the ‘Little Mermaid’ star at first. However, it became clear who she was talking about when she later called DDG a weirdo while admitting she liked Halle.

Afterward, Rubi released a screenshot of DDG hitting her DMs while openly in a relationship with Halle. DDG clapped back on the same platform, X ( formerly Twitter). He called Rubi “evil” and said he had already hashed out the DM slip with Halle.

Meanwhile, his clapback sparked a series of insults between them, including accusations of still being pressed for each other. Amid the back-and-forth, Halle seemingly stepped in, making it clear that “lies” were being told.

Weeks later, DDG again clarified that he didn’t “want” Rubi in a new song titled ‘Way Too Pretty.’

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