Sade Denies Trouble W/ Ne-Yo Is “Karma,” Ex-Wife Crystal Reacts 

Whew! Roommates, it looks like Crystal Renay plans to keep her cool as Sade Bagnerise airs out their children’s father. Renay took to Instagram on Thursday (April 25) with a lil’ meme about growth. Crystal’s message comes after footage surfaced overnight of Ne-Yo‘s ex-mistress berating him about his alleged partying habits.

After the video went viral, Sade spun the social media block with a lil’ more to say! She seemed to deny that her issues with Ne-Yo NOW is her “karma” for having two kids with a then-married man.

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What Crystal Renay Seemingly Said After Sade’s Rant

As mentioned, Crystal dropped a meme on her Instagram Story but didn’t name names or put an @ on it. The post said, “Knowing I can take it there & DON’T is growth to me.” 

See the post below.

For context, Crystal first revealed Ne-Yo and Sade’s affair in the summer of 2022. She accused her then-husband of eight years of “lies and deception.” By August of that year, she filed for divorce.

They settled the petition in February 2023. Renay walked away with a one-time $1.6 million deed to one of their Georgia homes, $20,000 for moving expenses, and $150,000 for a new car. She is also collecting $5,000 in monthly alimony for three years and $12,000 per month in child support. The divorced couple share three children: Shaffer Chimere Jr., Roman Alexander-Raj, and Isabella Rose.


What Did Sade Say About Karma?

As for Sade, it looks like the influencer is having trouble with Ne-Yo caring for their kids. In her recent video, she accused Ne-Yo of hosting wild parties, which allegedly include sex workers, drugs, and alcohol, while their kids are in his home.

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On Thursday (April 25), Sade called out people screaming “KARMA” after videoing her issues with her sons’ daddy.

“Hell I neverrrrrr ever even came to this internet and said who my BD was to begin with. Let’s start there. Y’all swear I was that lady karma and now y’all swear this mine. So wtf y’all got BF and BD problems fa? Lmao y’all sh*t just not on the internet.”


As previously reported, court docs confirmed in October that Ne-Yo is the father of her two youngest sons. She and the ‘Miss Independent’ singer seemingly welcomed their boys during his marriage and divorce proceedings with Crystal.


Meanwhile, Ne-Yo hasn’t publicly reacted on social media to his ex-mistress or ex-wife.

In recent months, though, he has publicly flaunted a polyamorous relationship with two women. The trio recently went viral in March for their Jamaican baecation!

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