Sarunas Jackson’s Restraining Order Against Keke Palmer Denied

A judge has reportedly denied Sarunas Jackson’s request for a restraining order against Keke Palmer, per Radar Online.

As previously reported, Sarunas accused Keke and her mother, Sharon Palmer, of harassment and stalking. He filed the petition in December, as The Blast first reported.

For context, Sarunas is brother to Darius Daulton Jackson, the father of Keke’s son. Darius and Palmer are in an ongoing custody battle over their infant Leo.

In November, a judge granted Keke Palmer a restraining order against Darius that prohibited him from approaching her and temporarily barred him from custody and visitations with Leo. Her petition revealed they had split in October over an alleged incident of verbal and physical abuse.

Here’s What Sarunas Jackson Told The Judge About Keke Palmer & Her Mother

In the brother’s petition, he alleged Keke has “made foul claims that I have sexual abuse claims on me when I do not. I have never done such a thing. She has gone to the media & has used her celebrity to publicity lie on my family & myself, which has resulted in death threats.”

In addition to allegedly lying about him, Sarunas claimed Keke has been stalking him.

“She has harassed and stalked my friends and family’s social media,” the filing states. “She has reached out to people in relation to me to lie on [sic]  me and my family. Has caused career damage… She has lied time and time again and has tried to lure people around me into her web of lies.” 

In addition to remaining 150 years away from him, Sarunas requested the judge prohibit the actress from publicly and privately speaking about him or his family. Jackson asked for Sharon to be placed under the same restrictions.

The former ‘Insecure’ actor also recalled the leaked phone call of Sharon seemingly threatening violence toward Darius in Keke’s defense. He added that Sharon threatened their family with bullets and rape.

According to Radar, the denied request appears to be temporary, as Sarunas was scheduled to appear in court in February to make argument for a permanent restraining order. No other orders were issued.

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