See the BEST Moments From Kai Cenat & Kevin Hart’s Livestream

Kai Cenat and Kevin Hart were having a TIME together on a recent livestream. There were roasts, a gag gift, dance breaks, and a whole bunch of Black man joy in between. At one point, they changed into matching navy blue sweatsuits.

Multiple moments from the stream are going viral across platforms, but here are four that had us in TEARS, belly hurting from laughs!

1. Kevin Hart Reacts To Gift From Kai Cenat 

A comedian and a top streamer together? The jokes are going to inevitably fly. But Kevin Hart wasn’t kiki-ing too hard after he saw the gift Kai had for him!

Cenat brought it over to Kev in a cardboard box wrapped in white paper. After unwrapping it, Kevin pulled out a black step stool. Whole Cenat went wild, screaming, “I know you needed that.” In the background, Kevin kept repeating, “It’s a step stool.” He gave him a dry “thank you” and said he liked it.

But viewers really lost it when the streamer got Kevin to pretend to grab invisible cereal from on top of an invisible fridge.

2. The Duo Compare Their Heights

Speaking of needing a step stool, another hilarious moment involved both men comparing their heights. Keep in mind that they’re 20 years apart in age, so the conversation was a kiiii.

3. Kevin Roasts Kai For Previously Asking Tyla Out

The comedian isn’t the first celebrity to hop on Kai’s livestream. There was the iconic Nicki Minaj interview, and most recently, Tyla stopped by.

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While Tyla was there, Kai awkwardly asked her out on a date with all his pearly whites on display. Covering her own smile, Tyla was in belief, saying, “Are you asking me for real.” Eventually, she said “but we friends though.”

For about five minutes, Kevin rewatched the moment and paused it to roast the 22-year-old.

4. The “Hype Train” Dance Break 

The last  — but definitely not least — hilarious moment of the stream was Kai teaching Kevin streamer language. Keep in mind 1000s of people were watching the stream and at one point virtual “confetti” took over the screen.

A concerned Hart quickly asked “what happened,” and Kai got excited instantly. He started yelling “hype train” and going IN with some exaggerated movements. Kevin joined in seconds later, marking one of a few hilarious dance breaks during their livestream.

For those who don’t know, a hype train is basically when streamer’s community bands together and causes an upticks in the stream’s support events. By “events,” we mean things like subscriptions and other vitural rewards. Kai has previously had record-breaking hype trains.


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