Social Analyzes Lebron James’ Courtside Chat With Lakers Owner

Antonio Brown had jokes for LeBron James after he was seen being a chatty patty with Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis.

Complex reports, the trio were sitting courtside sharing lots of laughs, and the ladies even broke the touch barrier!

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The Viral Courtside Moment Between LeBron James & The Women

Reports say LeBron walked over to chat with the women during a time-out at the Laker’s game. Jeanie is the majority Laker team owner, and Linda is the franchise’s executive director. Lebron talked as the women giggled. Linda touched the baller’s arm, and Jeanie rested her head on Lebron’s shoulder at one point.

Former NFL player Antonio Brown posted an NSFW meme of two white women in bed with a Black man in the middle. Lebron’s mug was photoshopped over the man’s face. In the caption, Antonio wrote, “He got game 2.”

Social Media Reacts

While the interaction appeared innocent, the innanet was in shambles over it! Some of our roomies debated whether the women got a little too handsy with Savannah’s man.

Under our IG post of the report, one commenter said it was typical snow bunny behavior.

@theofficialtiffanyk wrote, “Wt girls do this all the time to black men. Be all flirty and ish. Knowing damn well they’re MARRIED or in a Relationship.”

Conversely, a roomie stated the public is waiting for Lebron to make a mistake because he has such a clean slate. But he says King James will not fall.

“When I tell you because LeBron had been such a stand up guy with his family the media & people are WAITING for him to mess up!” @bigsexyoffical stated. “His wife Savannah is THAT GIRL I promise you he’s not going anywhere or doing anything to mess up his family.”

Additionally, host and writer Jemele Hill felt the need to provide some context.

“Gals, this is THEE majority owner of the Lakers and the wife of a very beloved Laker (Kurt Rambis). Jeanie Buss (also married) honestly doesn’t deserve this silly a** messiness.”

Furthermore, she added, “Jeanie has had very close (PROFESSIONAL) relationships with a number of Lakers, including Magic, Kobe, Shaq, and countless others. Her demeanor would have been the exact same had any of those former players been there.”

Like Hill, some roomies claim the three were having harmless fun.

But we wonder if Bron got the side eye when he made it back to the crib! He’s a good man, Savannah, a good man! 

Thoughts, y’all??

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