Social Media In Shambles Over Viral Video Of Woman’s Veneers

Whew! Users on X (formerly Twitter) are going IN over a woman’s new veneers. The woman’s natural-to-veneer video went viral after The Cosmetic Lane — a marketing industry specializing in aesthetics — shared it.

As of Thursday evening (Dec. 28), the clip has been viewed over 10 million times on X. It has also drawn nearly 1,000 comments and over 5,800 reposts.

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The viral clip of the veneers is 32 seconds long. Viewers see the woman preview her teeth, which appear straight despite a slight overbite and barely-there yellowing. Then, the footage shows her waiting in the dental office, paying for the procedure via check and cash, and the procedure steps. She wore a mouth prop and previewed the top and bottom sets.

The last ten seconds of the clip show the woman testing out her new veneers with the specialist behind the transformation in her camera frame.

Before the clip ended, the woman flashed her new smile and added, “Never gon stop smiling” to the post.

Watch the clip below.

She’s Happy With Her New Teeth, But The Innanet Is NOT!

Within hours of sharing the clip, several dental-related topics started trending on X, including Invisalign.

Though the woman appears pleased with the veneers, social media users have much to say about the transformation. In the majority, users seem to feel that the change was unnecessary.

@damekayla replied to Cosmetic Lane’s tweet, saying, “She needed whitening & some braces to close the overbite. She did not need veneers. People just waste their money.” 

@ladidaix responded, “Is it me or her original teeth were perfect?” 

@stackztootrill added, “Her teeth were perfectly healthy. Natural teeth ain’t even suppose to be that white. Destroyed them beautiful teeth for nothing smh. Whitening at best but veneers unnecessary.”

@beeuzui wrote, “Poor baby got the Steve Harvey special.” 

Meanwhile, some responses to the viral clip supported the woman’s veneers choice.

@_mstrdom wrote, Anyway, I think they look good. You only get one life to live. Get what you want out of life.” 

@amiriking added, “She looks good both ways.” 

Users also quoted The Cosmetic Lane’s post, adding mixed feedback, including calls for folks to get second opinions before hopping on the veneers trend.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on X, users continued the conversation on their own pages.

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