Steve Harvey Has Responded To Katt Williams, Social Media Says

Social media users believe Steve Harvey has responded to Katt Williams and his recent jabs. As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams took aim at Harvey and his fellow comedians in a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe.

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Here’s What Prompted Social Media’s Belief

On Sunday, January 7, Steve Harvey’s official account on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a tweet about haters. Additionally, the caption of the tweet explained, “You don’t have to address your haters.”

The tweet also featured a video clip of Harvey speaking to an audience of the ‘Family Feud‘ TV show. The show’s official website notes that Harvey became the program host in 2010.

In the clip, Harvey explained why he doesn’t believe in responding to haters.

” Oh no, you ain’t gotta tell nobody nothing. All you got to do is be it… You don’t have to open your mouth,” he explained, before quoting the Bible verse, Psalms 23:5. “‘He prepares a table in the presence of mine enemies.’ He do it all the time. All my haters? I ain’t gotta say nothing to them. They got TV. They can cut they TV on seven days a week… [and say] ‘Man, he on there.’”

Then, Harvey shared, “the only reason” someone would have haters.

“And the only reason you have haters is because you’re effective. You have haters for two reason — you’re doing something they’re jealous of. Or God is preparing to take you somewhere and the devil is providing opposition,” he continued.

Harvey explained that “he has plenty of haters,” and someone is “really attacking” him right now. However, Harvey explained that he’s “just waiting to see what God [is] gon’ do.”

Watch his full thoughts below.


Reactions From Social Media Users

The clip used in Harvey’s January 7 tweet was initially published via YouTube in February 2023. However, this did not stop X users from believing that Harvey’s repost of the clip was a subtle response to Katt Williams’ recent remarks about him.


More Details On Katt Williams’ Remarks On Steve Harvey & Others

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams’ interview with Sharpe was published on January 3. Since then, footage of their sitdown has garnered over 43 million views on YouTube.

During the almost three-hour-interview, Williams accused Harvey of stealing the concept of Mark Curry’s 1992 ABC sitcom, ‘Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.’

“The same Steve that went to go watch Mark Curry do his whole sitcom and then stole everything Mark Curry had. Now Steve got a sitcom where he’s the principal, and he wears a suit,” Williams told Sharpe, referring to Harvey’s 1996 TV series, ‘The Steve Harvey Show.’

Additionally, Williams alleged that Harvey’s iconic 90s haircut was a “man-unit” and compared his looks to “Mr. Potato Head.”

Furthermore, Williams also accused Harvey of being jealous of the late Bernie Mac.

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