T.J. Holmes “Checks Out” After Arguments With Amy Robach

While they haven’t officially been together for a year yet, T.J. Holmes says he finds himself checking out for up to two days when an argument with his girlfriend and former colleague, Amy Robach, erupts.

The news anchor made sure to mention that he doesn’t argue with the 50-year-old; they prefer to call it a “hiccup,” which stems from a disagreement between the pair.

T.J. Holmes Checks Out When An Argument Erupts

But Holmes isn’t the type that puts up a fight when it comes to being at odds with Robach. In fact, he does quite the opposite.

“I am really, really bad about this. I don’t scream, I don’t yell, I don’t do anything. I don’t name-call, I don’t get aggressive. Nothing, but I will check out,” he explained on a recent episode of their podcast, ‘Amy & T.J.’

He steps away from an argument to diffuse the situation and think clearly before trying to patch things up with Robach.

Holmes explained how he’s also not the type of guy who expects his woman to say sorry for the argument to be over and then done.

“I have to work through it, and I’m trying to get better at doing it quicker,” he added.

Amy Robach’s Hesitance To Apologize

At the same time, the former GMA3 host said that Robach tends to take her sweet time to apologize to him, which he can’t stand.

“It drives me crazy. Why? Because ‘I’m sorry’ comes 24 hours late,” the Arkansas native explained. He couldn’t understand why Robach didn’t apologize immediately instead of dragging out the issue, which only added more fuel to the fire.

“It’s how you react in the moment that makes all the difference in the world because, in that moment, we have a chance to go this way or this way,” he added. “And if you go that way, I’m out. I’m done. … I’m checked out for the day.”

That’s when Robach interjected to clarify that he actually checks out for two days, which she hates. During those moments, she doesn’t know how to rectify the situation.

“I would rather have him yell at me than freeze me out for two days. … I’m like, I don’t know what to say, what to do, what he thinks,” Robach admitted.

The Pair Are Now Podcast Hosts

Holmes and Robach debuted their podcast earlier this month and have used it as their go-to platform to address some of their biggest controversies this past year.

In November 2022, news broke about their secret relationship, which led many to believe that the ex-colleagues, who were still legally married, were cheating on their significant others.

Robach married her longtime partner, Andrew Shue, in 2010. In the same year, T.J. tied the knot with his now ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig. By October, however, Us Weekly obtained court documents revealing that the two had settled their divorce.

For months, fans have been speculating on social media about what they initially considered an “affair.” But Robach and Holmes clarified that they were already separated at that time.

“To be clear, we were outed as being in a relationship, but everyone else thought we were being outed as adulterers — being outed as cheating on our spouses — and it wasn’t the case,” Holmes assured.

He and Amy had already initiated divorce proceedings with their exes before they became romantically involved with one another.

Many people wondered why neither of them would clear their name amid the scandal that subsequently cost them their news anchoring positions at ABC. However, they hinted in the episode that they were being advised by their mediators and attorneys, indicating that they couldn’t speak out… until now.

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