T-Pain Reveals He Was Involved In Car Accident (Video)

Prayers and well wishes are being sent T-Pain‘s way after the rapper recently revealed he was involved in a car accident.

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T-Pain Reveals His Car Accident

During the early hours of Monday, April 22, T-Pain took to Instagram to share a video message with fans. In the clip, he explained that he knows “times are rough these days.”

“But, whoever just ran into the back of my g*****n truck and whoever just hit me, my wife, my road manager, my driver — whoever just did that and drove the f**k off, my n***a, life’s about to get so much more worse,” he said, laughing. “Oh my God…”

As the artist continued, he explained that the driver who impacted his vehicle left a portion from the front of their car at the scene. Additionally, T-Pain revealed that baby toys were also left at the scene.

“So we know you have kids,” T-Pain added. “Look, I know times is hard and I know things is rough out there but I’ll tell you what, s**t is going too great for me to not make me want revenge right now. ‘Cause you drove the f**k off, and boy, that was the worst part. It wasn’t even the wreck.”

T-Pain ultimately shared that he was all right. However, he showed that his driver was seemingly being taken away from the scene by medical professionals.

Swipe below to watch the video and see T-Pain’s social media remarks following the incident.

Social Media Sends Well Wishes

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share well wishes for T-Pain following the incident.

Instagram user @cash_da_body wrote, Thank GOD THEY ALRIGHT ❤️‍🩹🤣😂 but d*****n the whole front of the truck still there on scene 😂😭😂 and they drove off 😭 had to be dronkkk”

While Instagram user @steviebmoody added, Only T-Pain can make a wreck hilarious 😭”

Instagram user @vickiirvin wrote, He seems pleasant all the time. 🙏🏾💯”

While Instagram user @meiish_aa added, He has such a good spirit ❤️”

Instagram user @leahrosheewalker wrote, T-Pain is such a positive person ❤️I love his sense of humor!! 😂”

While Instagram user @mor_mabrotnosh added,I think we need to go back to using horses.”

Instagram user @_lifewithnicola wrote,Imagine finding out you hit T Pain 😮”

While Instagram user @pretty.face.with.a.big.booty added, The person that did it watching this like 👁️👁️😦…”

Instagram user @babyjojo95 wrote, What’s up with all these celebrities getting into car accidents lately?”

Another Celebrity Recently Revealed Similar Circumstances

As The Shade Room previously reported, 2 Chainz revealed that he was hospitalized in December. At the time, the rapper was in Miami and was involved in a car crash.

He took to social media after the accident to share that he was being hauled away on a stretcher. Additionally, the rapper showed brief footage of the aftermath of the incident.

At the time, TMZ reported that the rapper was in stable condition upon being taken to the hospital. A few days after the incident, 2 Chainz returned to social media to update fans about what exactly occurred.

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