Tamar Braxton Reacts To Leaked Footage Of Chrisean Rock & Toni

Footage has surfaced of the moments before Chrisean Rock allegedly assaulted James Wright Chanel at Tamar Braxton‘s concert. As The Shade Room previously reported, the incident occurred in Los Angeles, California, on Friday, November 10.

Now, Braxton is sharing her reaction to the footage along with social media users.

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More Details Regarding The Footage Of Chrisean Rock, Tamar & Toni Braxton

According to TMZ, Braxton held a prayer circle before the start of her concert that evening. Witnesses informed the outlet that Chrisean Rock unexpectedly “burst” into the singer’s dressing room in the middle of Braxton’s prayer.

The outlet shared footage of Rock’s entrance. In the clip, the rapper is seen inserting herself between Tamar and her sister, Toni. Both women appear surprised at Rock’s appearance, and Toni even shifts away from Rock’s extended hand in the footage.

Additionally, before the video ends, the camera pans over to show that James Wright Chanel was also present.

Check out the footage below.

According to the outlet, witnesses shared that this interaction was Tamar Braxton and Chrisean Rock’s first time meeting. Furthermore, although the group was caught off guard by Rock’s entrance, they allegedly laughed off the moment and made the rapper feel welcome.

Rock was allegedly allowed to stay backstage with the group as they indulged in pre-show liquor shots.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the clip. Many criticized Toni Braxton’s response to Rock’s surprise entrance.

Instagram user @chantelrozeeaye wrote.

“Toni, shocked or not, could’ve held her hand out to close the prayer circle back. That was weird and mean.”

While Instagram user @s.nashay added.

“Toni so petty for not holding her hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

Instagram user @miss_oddfuturee remarked.

“I’m sorry that’s a weird reaction to someone wanting to join in on prayer..”

While Instagram user @ashbash2626 added.

“For some reason this just pissed me off . They treated that girl terribly in this moment.”

However, others defended Braxton’s response.

Instagram user @lakergirl116 wrote.

“Everyone speaking on Toni’s response. But lets be real. They were in the middle of praying. You don’t just break up a prayer circle to be in the angle of the camera. She could have stood behind the nearest person and placed her hand on their shoulder or simply bowed her head and started praying with them. In church if the door is closed and the preacher started praying already the ushers are not letting you in until after he finished as to not interrupt or distract him”

While Instagram user @give_me_samore added.

“Anyone raised in church you’re taught you never walk through a prayer circle while someone is actively praying. You join from behind because It’s disrespectful. Secondly you’re also taught to not let everyone pray over you and be careful who you’re attaching yourself with prayer. If Toni felt uncomfortable she did what was best for her in that moment”

Tamar Braxton Reacts

On Tuesday, January 2, Tamar Braxton took to her Instagram Story to speak on the prayer circle footage. Additionally, she explained that she won’t let social media users criticize her sister.

“I guess because the video was sold.. it pissed off some people.. now they sending them to me.. the rest is on my YouTube. I’m tired of it.. y’all wanna attack my sister who has lupus and don’t even come outside I’m not having it!!!” the singer wrote.

Additionally, the singer seemed to imply that she was aware of the person who sold the footage to TMZ.

“Please let’s wrap this up! It was so last year.. had he not sold that video today to greedy TMZ..I nor anyone would be talking about this!!! This is crazy!!”

Furthermore, Braxton also shared a video via YouTube. Braxton confirmed that Rock’s entrance was a surprise, and this was also Toni’s first time meeting the rapper.

Additionally, Braxton explained that because Toni has an autoimmune disease, her sister is cautious of physically interacting with new people.

Furthermore, the footage that Braxton uploaded on YouTube also showed James Wright Chanel and his injuries moments after Chrisean Rock allegedly attacked him.

Before the footage ended, Braxton also shared a message to the individual who leaked the footage to TMZ.

Check out Braxton’s complete reaction below.

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