Teyana Taylor Reacts To Reports Of Iman Cutting Home Utilities

Teyana Taylor is clearing the air on recent reports about her ongoing divorce from Iman Shumpert. The actress shared a now-deleted statement clarifying court documents that reportedly accuse her estranged husband of cutting off their home utilities.

Teyana Addresses Reports About Her Divorce Proceedings

Details of that filing were pulled and exclusively reported by TMZ on Jan. 26. The outlet claims Teyana accused Iman of cutting off the home’s WiFi and cable, followed by their running water the next day. Initial reports about the divorce in November revealed Iman moved out in October. The alleged new documents reportedly say his brother warned Teyana Iman “intended to shut off the power.”

However, Teyana wrote a lengthy paragraph about the reports in her statement. She reaffirmed her previous public request for folks to “mind ya damn business” and called out “misleading headlines.” This is the second time she’s spoken out, requesting privacy amid the divorce.

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On Friday, Taylor again clarified that she hasn’t given any public statements about her divorce to any media outlets. Ultimately, she explained how the information about her divorce was being sourced.

“And let’s settle this once and for all. I filed for divorce under initials for privacy. Which kept this matter private for almost a whole year until someone decided to file a motion using our full names, which then made our divorce proceedings public for the world to see!” 

As previously reported, Taylor filed in January 2023 using her and Iman’s initials. A counter-filing by Shumpert used them using their full names, making the docs public in November.

In her January paperwork, Taylor cited their marriage as “irretrievably broken.” Taylor reportedly sought temporary and permanent primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their daughters, Junie and Rue, and child support.

Since moving out, Taylor reportedly claims Iman has not financially provided for the girls, per TMZ’s latest report. Previous reporting has also cited court documents allegedly accusing Iman Shumpert of negligent child care.

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Teyana shocked her fans by announcing her split from Iman in September. Amid claims of Iman’s infidelity, Teyana dismissed the rumors and assured her fans that they remained “best of friends.” At the time, she did not comment on or mention divorce.

However, when Teyana’s divorce filing became public two months later, it revealed allegations of narcissistic traits, jealousy of her career, and emotional abuse.

Teyana Taylor Confirms She Restored Her Cut Utilities

To note, TMZ reports that the new filing accuses Iman of leaving Teyana with a $200,000 plus bill in home renovations. The docs reportedly claim that Shumpert initiated the upgrades and promised to reimburse Teyana for the costs but hasn’t.

In her deleted statement, Teyana didn’t confirm much but implied her utilities were shut off. However, she didn’t specify what was affected or who gave the “shut off” order.

“All of the utilities in my home are on and was back on same day that sh*t was pulled!!! Me and my kids are never going to be sitting ducks,” she wrote.

See her complete, deleted statement below.

According to TMZ, in the filing, her lawyer said they brought the matter to the court for accountability purposes. Their filing reportedly has nothing to do with Teyana’s ability to provide financially.

Since their divorce is still pending, the court placed a standing order. This means that Teyana and Iman must maintain their home and financial responsibilities until they finalize their divorce.

But Teyana is contending that by shutting off her home utilities and refusing to provide financial support for his children, Iman had violated this order.

She’s now reportedly seeking an intervention from a judge to hold Iman responsible for the violation and to mandate him to start paying monthly child support.

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