Tyrese Reveals He And Zelie Timothy Have Broken Up (Video)

Tyrese is updating fans on his personal life and revealed that he and his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, have just broken up.

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Tyrese Shares A Relationship Update With Fans

On Sunday, February 11, Tyrese took to Instagram to share a video with fans. The singer sat in front of the camera wearing a blue beanie and pointing his middle finger.

A brief caption over the clip read: “Katt Williams, 50 Cent, Kanye”

Then, as he spoke, he explained that “everybody’s pissed.”

“My lawyers, my managers — everybody’s pissed,” he told viewers. “I just released my double album today, but it’s only available for ten hours.”

The singer then explained that he placed the names of Katt Wiliams, 50 Cent, and Kanye West on his video for clickbait. The clip then cut to a trailer for a four-part documentary series that promoted the singer’s newly released album, ‘Beautiful Pain.’

The trailer included narration from Tyrese, delving into the most “heartbreaking” moments of his life. However, in the caption of his Instagram video, Tyrese also delved into a tribulation he’s facing right now.

“… My superbowl plans are f****d.. power outage in my neighborhood so I’m going at em,” he wrote. “And me and Zelie just broke up over some dumb s**t… Remember this.. She demanded that I cancel my ALBUM because there’s too many songs about my ex on there.. f**k does that even mean?”

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Tyrese’s revelation.

Instagram user @kitarose_ wrote.

“It means she would like you to heal first.. we all do…let’s pray for our Latino hermano”

While Instagram user @sua_ve added.

“Tyrese the type to wake up and say ‘man I gotta tell the world about this s**t’ 😭”

Instagram user @tynicolle wrote.

“He need a diary like Moesha”

While Instagram user @shantel_n_lyriq added.

“She should’ve left because you keep running to social media with your issues”

Instagram user @coopdajuice wrote.

“And this is why y’all gotta take the time necessary to heal first before jumping to the next person”

While Instagram user @pisces4lifeatl added,

“She did the right thing… Ik an unhealed man when I see one chile”

Instagram user @the_hoe_phase_expert wrote.

“🔋🔋 It means that she wants you to move on, and stop putting her in the middle of your hurt every month….”

While Instagram user @4itsrox remarked.

“Sigh. Tyrese. Tyrese’ing. Lol. (I admit I wondered how his young girlfriend felt about all those songs as well 🥴)”

Instagram user @fatinah_g wrote.

“He definitely talks about his ex too much like bruh 😫 you’re not over her YET”

At this time, Zelie Timothy has yet to react to Tyrese’s public revelation or comment on the state of their relationship.

The Singer’s Comments About His Ex-Wife Have Recently Made Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, Tyrese has been very vocal about his marriage and pending divorce from his ex-wife, Samantha Lee. In May 2023, he publicly shared that he felt their union “was never love” but “just a transaction.”

“Wow, we did a whole marriage and did the whole duration of a child and starting a family, just to find out it was all about money. Status. Transaction,” he explained at the time. “Imagine me being the only actor in a relationship, to then realize that I was in a relationship for five years with one of the best actors I’ve ever met in my f*****g life.”

Before making these statements, the singer revealed that his “most important” album, ‘Beautiful Pain,’ would delve into his marriage with Lee.

“I don’t want to sing about this divorce no more. I don’t want to sing about none of this painful s**t, heartbreaking sad s**t,” he said in a voice note shared via Instagram. “Even though it’s my truth and it’s the most important album that I’ve ever done… Talking about my ex, I just don’t want to do it for another two years…”

From there, the year continued with Tyrese calling Samantha Lee out amid paying her $20,000 for child support. Although Lee denied his claims about her seemingly being money-hungry, the singer continued to refer to her as a “heartless” individual.

Although Tyrese was publicly in a relationship with Zelie Timothy, he even spoke on the possibility of him and Lee reconciling.

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