Nelly Reveals His Fixed Smile After Losing Tooth In Vegas (Video)

Nelly says we can now cut the jokey jokes about his missing tooth! The St. Louis rapper got his smile fixed within 24 hours of revealing he knocked out his bottom chomper.

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He made sure to pull up with all of his teeth in place hours before the Kansas City Chiefs became this year’s Super Bowl champions. In a video shared to his Instagram Story, Ashanti is seen STILL cackling over Nell’s toothy moment.

It’s unclear if the rapper was seen by a dentist or practitioner in Vegas or if the white square in the missing space is a spare!

Either way, peep Nelly’s quick fix below.

A Toothless Nelly? How’d That Happen!?

As previously reported, he and his rekindled girlfriend Ashanti went viral after catching a kii over the incident. The couple didn’t discuss HOW in the world Nelly lost his tooth, but Ashanti teased that it wasn’t the first time her man had done so. Apparently, he previously found the tooth for him during a Miami visit.

In a short video shared in the early hours of Sunday, Nel and Shanti joked over solutions to his problem. When she suggested he pop a chiclet into the empty spot, Nelly was ready to end the call!

One thing about Ashanti though — missing tooth or not — she sticking beside the rapper! She affirmed that she still loves him, even if she can slide her tongue through the lil’ open slot (at Nelly’s suggestion).

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It’s unclear when Ashanti joined her boyfriend in Vegas or whether she was already there during their livestream. Earlier this week, she performed at New York Fashion Week, then jetted to the West Coast for a performance in Fresno, California.

Watch their hilarious interaction below.

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