Usher May Be Joined By Alicia Keys At Super Bowl Halftime Show

If Usher performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show wasn’t exciting enough, viewers may be excited to hear that Alicia Keys may join him on stage!

TMZ‘s report claims that they recently spotted Keys at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the game will take place this Sunday (February 11).

Alicia Keys Reportedly Seen Rehearsing With Usher Ahead Of His Halftime Show

Onlookers claim to have seen her performing with the ‘Yeah’ singer, whom she previously collaborated with on their 2004 song, ‘My Boo.’

The track was widely successful, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks, oh-kay!

So, understandably, Usher does not want to leave this R&B jam off his setlist.

Sources for the news publication believe Keys is one of the guests who will grace the stage during the halftime show.

As The Shade Room previously revealed, rumors are floating around that Ludacris and Lil’ Jon will also perform with Mr. Raymond.

Jon and Luda are currently in Vegas, although their participation hasn’t been confirmed yet.

But they did star in the recently-released Apple Music Super Bowl commercial. The advert featuring Taraji P. Henson further indicates their involvement in the show.

TMZ further claims that Usher reportedly talked with Justin Bieber about potentially hitting the stage with him.

But insiders haven’t verified if he’s signed on, let alone confirmed his attendance at this Sunday’s game.

Whatever the case, the ‘Nice & Slow’ hitmaker incorporating three decades of hits into his performance will surely make this a memorable show.

Usher has already revealed that he negotiated a two-minute extension to the usual 13 minutes given to performers for their halftime show.

Usher’s Halftime Show Extended By Two Minutes

The NFL agreeing to this is a pretty big deal, considering no artist in recent times has had a show last a whopping 15 minutes.

It only adds to the speculation that a handful of stars will join him to celebrate his music career.

“I can’t explain why, but it’s a funny thing that I was able to do and craft,” Usher told Entertainment Weekly as he spoke on lengthening his halftime show. “That was a huge strategic thing that happened between me and my agency.”

News of Keys reportedly joining Usher at the Super Bowl comes on the heels of the singer extending his upcoming North American tour.

The Grammy winner recently announced he’s heading on the road this May for his “Past, Present, Future” tour.

Due to high demand, he has since added 17 shows to his calendar, including two extra shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

He now expects to conclude the nationwide leg with his third and final show at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, on Halloween.

Of course, that’s unless he adds more dates.

Go ‘head, Usher!

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