WestJet Passenger Kicked Off Flight For Too Many Bathroom Trips

A woman has come forward to criticize WestJet after being reportedly forced off her flight for her excessive use of the plane’s bathroom.

According to The Independent, Joanna Chiu is the woman in question who flew with the airline back in January when she planned to make a trip to Mexico.

Joanna Revealed On X She Had Been Feeling Poorly Before Her Flight

In a series of tweets posted on X, she explained that she hadn’t been feeling well when she boarded her flight.

Once on the aircraft, Chiu rushed to the bathroom multiple times before the plane took off.

Due to her condition, flight attendants appeared to have noticed this and decided it was best that the WestJet passenger did not fly.

“Just got kicked off a @WestJet flight from Mexico because I had an upset stomach and was going to the washroom too much before takeoff,” she tweeted.

Chiu’s removal from the plane worsened the situation, with her claiming that she received “no promise” of placement on another flight.

Chiu also expressed concern about her accommodation, as she had already made living arrangements in Mexico.

“No promise of a hotel or rebooked flight. I had meds and was on the mend. Some customer service,” she continued.

But if she thought her day couldn’t get any worse, the WestJet customer mentioned how the airline denied her request to have them call her a taxi to a nearby hotel.

In her haste to exit the plane moments before, she said she had inadvertently left her wallet on the flight.

And though she notified the airline’s staff, she alleges they made no effort to get it for her.

At this point, Chiu found herself stranded at the airport without a wallet and with an upset stomach.

Joanna Also Accused WestJet Staff Of Failing To Provide Assistance

Eventually, they booked her a new flight the following day, but she hadn’t received the reference number.

Chiu said that one supervisor at the airport told her to come back on the day of her flight and speak to an attendant about acquiring the number.

She pulled out her phone and began recording the staffer, frustrated by their refusal to hand over her reference code.

Chiu alleged they threatened not to place her on her next flight unless she deleted the video from her phone.

“It is sad that I wasn’t able to get any help unless I publicly aired my experience. WestJet DM’d me my booking reference number after I had asked for it repeatedly at the airport,” she tweeted. “I ended up getting in the taxi because I was legitimately worried about getting arrested.”

WestJet has since responded to Joanna’s lengthy X thread, expressing regret over the incident and promising to look into the matter.

However, the airline noted that if passengers feel unwell and show clear signs that they are incapable of flying due to poor health, WestJet has the right to “make difficult decisions” for the safety of everyone on board.

“We sincerely apologize to Ms. Chiu for the inconvenience and discomfort she experienced during her recent travel experience,” a rep said to PEOPLE.

“Ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our guests and crew is our number one priority and therefore we take any health-related concerns very seriously. While unexpected illness can occur while traveling, maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all guests and crew members is paramount. In circumstances where a guest is deemed unfit to travel due to illness, our crew must make difficult decisions in the name of safety.”

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