Wives Fight To Overturn His Life Sentence

In March 2024, ‘TSR Investigates‘ explored the arrest and conviction of Eligio Bishop, also known as “Nature Boy.” In 2022, Bishop was arrested on multiple charges, including rape and false imprisonment.

He was sentenced to life in prison earlier this year. Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is following up on Bishop’s case. Additionally, his three wives are sharing their hopes of overturning his sentence.

A Brief Recap Of The Allegations Against Eligio Bishop

In April 2022, Bishop was arrested after a residence in Decatur, Georgia, was raided by police. At the time, Bishop was accused of leading a cult called Carbon Nation.

The group was reportedly created to promote “holistic healing.” However, many female members came forward, accusing Bishop of forcing them into sexual acts, holding them against their will, and subjecting them to revenge porn.

According to Efuru, one of Bishop’s wives, as many as sixteen women lived at the residence with them and Bishop. However, she says the allegations against her husband are far from true.

“Before this happened, the police did wellness checks at our house like thirty times,” she explained. “…Everytime they did a wellness check we were just living our lives — everybody beautiful, the home is beautiful. They came at random times.”

Queen Malia, another one of Bishop’s wives, added that their lives were “peaceful.”

Nature Boy’s Wives Speak Out As They Share Their Truth On Carbon Nation

This wasn’t what was alleged in the multi-page affidavits and criminal trial against Bishop. At the time, one woman alleged that females could not wear shirts at his residence and were forced to have sex or sexual fantasies with Bishop.

However, Queen Malia alleges these “weird thing[s]” did not occur.

“It wasn’t this weird thing where they were held hostage, and no one was able to leave, and no one was able to contact their family,” she said. “…It wasn’t that. These were grown people [and] they knew what they were getting themselves into. They knew before they came… that he was practicing these teachings…”

Watch Carter speak with the wives about their own experiences with Bishop above. Additionally, watch as the women address the allegations against Carbon Nation and share their plans for overturning his sentence.

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