Woman Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene At The Airport (Video)

One thing the innanet will do is take a joke and run with it, literally! This was the case when a woman spotted Marjorie Taylor Greene at the airport in Washington, D.C.

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Woman Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene

In a video shared by Kia Croom (@kiacroom) on Instagram, Croom approaches Marjorie Taylor Greene while she was waiting with her luggage at the airport. Once Croom reaches her, she says, “Bleach blonde bad built, how you doing today? How you been? You didn’t like that, huh?”

Croom eventually chuckles when she walks away.

Although Greene did not reply, it was clear that she wasn’t feeling Croom’s comment. Croom actually copied the phrase from Jasmine Crockett. Crockett used the words, “bleach blonde bad built butch body” during a heated exchange with Greene at a House Oversight Committee meeting earlier this month.

Social Media Reacts To Viral Video of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Croom’s viral video led to several reactions from social media users. The Roomies quickly hopped into The Shade Room comment section to share their thoughts on the clip.

Instagram user @lexijanay wrote, “I hope EVERYBODY that sees her keeps this SAME ENERGY.” 

Instagram user @charnell_ wrote, “She gonna live with that name FOREVER.”

While Instagram user @deeemaee wrote, “Notice she only back talks when she’s behind that podium. She knows to d o the mute challenge in real life.” 

Instagram user @rootedrachelraeray wrote, “I’m so here for the “bully the bully” era of politics.” 

Instagram user @ambernichelleee wrote, “She’ll probably never say the world “eyelash” again.”

Then Instagram user @supply_n_deemand wrote, “Thought she ate in the courtroom just to become food everyday.”

Instagram user @coedblanco wrote, “I love us FORREAL!! We really be standing on business. Now Stand on business at them polls in November.”

Finally Instagram user @shelovecj wrote, “Hopefully this teach her to think twice before she speaks .. especially on that type of platform.”

Jasmine Crockett & Marjorie Taylor Greene Heated House Exchange

As The Shade Room previously reported, Jasmine Crockett used the term to clap back at Marjorie Taylor Greene after she called out Crockett’s “fake eyelashes.” 

Crockett accused Greene of displaying racism and later revealed that she had “no regrets” after firing back at her. In fact, the lawyer and politician has actually decided to move forward with trademarking the viral phrase.

USA Today reported that Crockett filed a trademark application for the rights of the idiom on May 19. She officially confirmed her plans on X, formerly known as Twitter, to release “A Crockett Clapback Collection.”

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