Woman Rips Flight Attendant’s Shirt Using Teeth

Well, Roommates, here’s one way to possibly end up on the no-fly list! A United Airlines flight attendant had a close call with a passenger who attempted to bite him while restrained!

TMZ first shared the WILD video, which shows the woman yanking a piece of a flight attendant’s shirt off. According to the outlet, the flight was headed to Newark, New Jersey, from Miami on Tuesday (July 9) when the incident occurred.

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United Airlines Flight Delayed After Biting Incident

As mentioned, before sinking her teeth into the crew member’s shoulder area twice, the woman was already restrained. She’s said to have spat on someone and thrown several punches at others.

But the zip ties used on her wrists seemed to further agitate her. The footage shows her screaming at other passengers, using all kinds of cuss words. The crew members struggled to calm the situation, but she continued to scream and carry on — clearly agitated by folks on the plane recording her.

The outlet further reports that the unhinged passenger threatened to kill at least one other female passenger, calling her an “old lady…b***h” and telling her to “go back to Russia.”

Meanwhile, the video also shows her warning other customers not to fly with United Airlines.

“…people are recording me. Don’t come to this airline, don’t come on f**king United Airlines, these people have an attitude problem. They don’t f**king do their ob, they’re handcuffing me. Why are you handcuffing me? Why b***h? Why the f**k are you handcuffing me?”

Watch the flight incident below!

Airlines Rep Speaks Out

On Wednesday (July 10), a rep for United Airlines spoke to TMZ about the incident. Flight 762 was reportedly delayed for three-and-a-half hours after they had to ground in Orlando due to the woman’s outburst.

Officers from the Orlando Airport Police took the unidentified woman into custody when they deplaned and swapped flight crews. A spokesperson for United expressed gratitude to the flight team for managing the situation.

“United flight 762 from Miami to Newark stopped in Orlando on Tuesday evening after a passenger became aggressive and disruptive. Our flight attendants worked to de-escalate the situation and protect other customers and after landing in Orlando, law enforcement met the flight, and the passenger was removed. We’re grateful to our team for their professionalism and for looking out for the safety of our customers and their fellow United employees.”

This is a developing story. 

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