Floyd Mayweather Spends A Fortune On Super Bowl Suite

Floyd Mayweather just dropped a big bag for his own suite at the upcoming Super Bowl in Las Vegas this Sunday.

The boxing champ took to Instagram on Friday (February 9), sharing a photo of a wire payment made to Great Buy Tickets Inc.

The Super Bowl Tickets Are Pricey

Mayweather spent a whopping $850,000 to acquire a suite big enough for 34 friends, who’ll accompany him to the most prominent NFL event of the year.

Each ticket cost Floyd a staggering $33,000. According to the New York Post, that price tag is more than three times the average price of $8,600 for Super Bowl spectators in regular seats.

But when you’re Mayweather and have a cool $1.2 billion net worth, spending a milly on a game is light work.

Mayweather stated, “I don’t mind accepting invites at times, but one thing’s for sure… the person that’s paying does all the saying.”

“Therefore, I get my own seats and suites, so I can do what I want and invite who I want! I’m blessed to be taking 34 people to experience the 1st Super Bowl in Las Vegas.”


He then followed up with another post, showing the large sum he paid in taxes shortly before purchasing Super Bowl tickets.

“Just before I paid that light million and change for that little Super Bowl stuff, I had to pay the IRS aka Uncle Sam $18,047,181. This is what I owed in taxes while I’m retired so just imagine what I was paying when I was activated.”

Here’s What A $2.5 Million Suite At The Super Bowl Comes With

Floyd Mayweather and his crew will be sitting comfortably in a luxury suite, where they’ll have a great view of the game and Usher’s halftime performance. But aside from getting a good view of the field, a bunch of amenities come with paying the big bucks for one of these suites.

According to TMZ, there are a variety of Super Bowl VIP packages, with the highest being worth $2.5 million. The news publication claims that 20 people can be seated in this particular suite, where the least of one’s worry will be food.

Reporter Luke Sawhook, who received a first look earlier this week, claims the high-priced suites will include a range of delicious food on the menu.

From lobster and crabs to wagyu beef, BBQ burritos, seafood, and “bacon-wrapped hot dogs,” if there’s one thing their stomachs won’t be doing, it’s growling.

There’ll also be several options for a sweet dessert, ranging from cheesecake to popcorn and ice cream.

Not to mention that the $2.5 million room also has a private bar with bartenders ready to serve up drinks for guests throughout the afternoon.


Worth $2.5 Milly? #SuperBowl #nfl #food #chiefs #49ers

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Meanwhile, Marie Claire reports that Taylor Swift is jetting back from her concert in Tokyo, where she recently stopped with her Eras Tour, to ensure she makes it back to Vegas on time.

Given all the NFL games she’s been attending these past couple of months in support of her man, it appears there was no chance she would miss seeing him live in action on his big day.

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