Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Speaks On Decision To Tour W/ Katt Williams

Kevin Hart‘s ex-wife, Torrei, is speaking out after receiving public backlash. As The Shade Room previously reported, earlier this month, it was revealed that Torrei Hart would join Katt Williams on an upcoming comedy tour.

The move follows Williams recently calling her ex-husband an industry plant and criticizing his career.

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Torrei Hart Explains Decision To Tour With Katt Williams

According to TMZ, the outlet recently caught up with the ex-wife and comedian in Burbank, California. A reporter asked Hart why Williams “picked” her to join him on tour “out of all the comedians.”

“Why wouldn’t he? I mean, I’m funny as f**k — but no, I mean, that’s my boy. We’ve known each other for years, and it’s only right,” Hart explained. “I’ve opened up for Katt before. He’s given me plenty of opportunities [and] we’ve shot a movie together, and we’re close! I mean, we’re so close, Katt has watched my dog before.”

Hart explained that she and Williams are friends and “have known each other for twenty years.”

“This isn’t something that just happened,” Hart firmly added.

From there, the reporter asked Hart if going on tour with Williams would pull her comedic career out of the shadows of her ex-husband’s. Hart replied by explaining that it’s essentially her time to shine.

“I just feel like it’s my time — I’ve been doing the work for years, and now it’s been time,” she said. So yeah, definitely, it’s helping me emerge out of the shadows because a lot of people don’t know I’ve been doing comedy for almost 15 years. This isn’t new, I’ve been putting in the work… [and] I tell jokes anywhere, I don’t care. So yeah, this is helping me get out of the shadows, for sure.”


Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Also Spoke On His “Beef” With Katt Williams

Before the interaction concluded, Torrei Hart maintained that she has no “shade at all” for her ex-husband in her actions.

“I have no shade at all for Kevin — even the stuff that’s going on between him and Katt, that’s not my beef,” she explained. “That is not my beef!”

Ultimately, Hart explained that she has “beef with no one” and shared that she titled her tour “No Hart Feelings” to calm the concerns of anyone who thinks otherwise.

Here’s How Kevin Hart Reacted To His Ex-Wife’s Public Decision

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams went viral earlier this month after sitting down with Shannon Sharpe for an almost three-hour interview.

During the appearance, Williams shared criticism for many of his fellow comedians but particularly referred to Kevin Hart as an “industry plant” with an inflated career.

At the time, Kevin Hart initially responded by taking to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Gotta get that anger up outcha champ….It’s honestly sad,” he wrote.

A few days later, Hart appeared on ‘NBA Unplugged’ and added to his sentiments on Williams.

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Then, on January 8, Torrei Hart took to social media to announce her upcoming tour with Williams. At the time, Hart also referred to Williams as her “good friend.”

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Additionally, many social media users seemed to feel that Hart’s ex-wife was disloyal in her decision.

Soon after, TMZ caught up with Kevin Hart, who shared his feelings on his ex-wife’s upcoming business venture.

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