New Hampshire Woman Compacted Inside

First responders in Manchester, New Hampshire, reportedly rescued a woman from inside a garbage truck on Monday (Jan. 29).

According to Boston 25 News, fire officials’ initial assessment is that the woman was first inside a dumpster. At some point, the garbage truck scooped up the bin on Beech Hill Drive, dumping the trash and woman inside.

The driver revealed to officials that the truck compacted the trash at least four times before he noticed her. After spotting her through a camera in the truck, he called 911.

Fire officials haven’t nailed the exact timeline of events. However, neighbors reportedly told Boston 25 News the woman is a 60-year-resident in the community. They speculate she somehow fell into the dumpster while taking out her trash.

An investigation is ongoing.

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What Happened After Garbage Truck Crushed Woman

The rescue operation took about 30 minutes at the hands of firefighters. First, they tried to speak to her through a side panel in the truck as she was standing and speaking. However, the woman reportedly was not in a state to respond to the questions asked.

They reportedly used a basket attached to the fire truck cane to pull the woman out of the garbage truck.

A neighbor named Amanda Czzowitz told the outlet that the woman was screaming in “agony.” Matthew Czzowitz added that his kids were home from school, and he prohibited them from looking when they pulled her out of the garbage truck.

Despite testimony by neighbors, it’s unclear what the woman looked like post-rescue or the extent of her injuries.

Boston 25 News reports that first responders transported her to Elliot Hospital in “serious condition.”

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