Ray J Confesses His Face Tattoos Are Fake (WATCH)

Ray J is coming clean and seemingly sharing the truth about his viral face tattoos.

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Here’s What Ray J Said About His Face Tattoos

On Saturday, April 27, Instagram user @livebitez took to the platform to share a clip from what appears to be a recent live stream of Ray J’s. In the clip, the singer elaborated on his viral face ink.

“Okay, I’m getting — okay, the tattoos are almost done, y’all, right?” he said. “It’s already starting to rub off.”

The ‘One Wish’ singer explained that he’s tried to “scrub” them off. However, it didn’t appear like he had much luck.

As he continued, the rapper admitted that his face ink was henna.

“They henna…” he said. “But I went and did it again — I did it once, and I went back right before I left and had them hit it up again, and so that’s why it got real dark, but I just gotta wait y’all.”

Watch the clip below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered @livebitez’ comment section to share their reactions to the singer’s confession.

Instagram user @_blackroommedia wrote, We knew this!”

While Instagram user @nyix.b added, 😂😂😂this man is TV! Lol some people”

Instagram user @sweetlybroken70x7 wrote,Thank God 😂”

While Instagram user @beasleygirl22 added,You just all over the place and it’s bad”

Instagram user @classic_athletic wrote, I knew this was fake…”

A Recap Of The Singer’s Viral Tattoo Antics

As The Shade Room previously reported, Ray J revealed his viral face ink earlier this week. At the time, footage surfaced of him on YouTube. The clip appeared to be from a recent livestream.

In the video, Ray J showed off what appeared to be tattoos of the logo of his reality TV network, Tronix, his son’s name. Epik, and his daughter’s name, Melody.

“Yep, there you go.I look real unattractive now… Melody, Epik… tattoos on my face. That means I can’t do no more movies, I can’t host no TV shows… It’s all in for me now, n***a. I ain’t wearing no makeup, you feel me?” he said at the time.

Around the same time, another live stream of the singer’s also caught attention. In the clip, Ray J spoke about people being concerned about his recent behavior.

“You see the tatt on my face, right? Everybody trippin’, they saying that I’m like, going through some kind of like — I don’t know. I had a few doctors call me and DM me, and out of respect, I’m like, ‘Thank you,’” he explained. “I appreciate the love because, you know, if you worried about me, then… please let me know.”

Most recently, Ray J shared how his sister Brandy reacted to his face ink.

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