Tamar Braxton Draws Concerns After A Series of Sad Tweets

Tamar Braxton recently drew the concern of fans after a social media exchange revealed she’s struggling with her sister, Traci Braxton’s, untimely death.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Tamar took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express the pain she’s endured since her older sister’s passing.

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Here’s What Tamar Braxton Initially Said

The singer’s 47th birthday is approaching, but celebrating is far from her thoughts.

Earlier this week, Tamar posted a series of tweets on the second anniversary of Traci’s death. Her sister passed away on March 12, 2022, after battling esophageal cancer. Tamar expressed how she longed to sleep her grief away.

The youngest Braxton wrote, “Logan don’t have school today and my body got up anyway.. I just want to sleep in today lord.”

Hours later, the “Love and War” singer expressed how much she despised the day and wanted to console herself with food.

“I hate today. I just want to sleep and emotionally eat all day,” Tamar tweeted. 

The Singer Concerns Fans After Speaking About Her Birthday Plans

A fan inquired if Tamar had any birthday plans since it was just five days later, on Sunday, March 17.

Tamar responded, “I don’t want to do ANYTHING for my birthday!?? Celebrate my life when my sister lost hers??? I don’t even feels right.”

A fan became concerned since she went off in her reply and stated her tweet was a trauma response. He wrote, “This isn’t you. I know this was a trauma response but you are so much better than this.”

Tamar tweeted back on the social media platform, “Fck her! Yes it is!!”

Social Media Shares Advice For Tamar Braxton

Social media users tried to convince her that Traci would want her to enjoy her birthday but the songbird could not see past her pain.

The vocalist wrote, “Y’all do too much on social media. I have Been suffering since Friday!!!! Why would u make fun at the fact that I’m without my sister cause she DIED!! Omg I hate people.”

Fans continued to empathize with the “Changed” singer’s pain despite her rejection of their advice.

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