Texas Mother Faces Eviction After Fatally Shooting Teen Home Intruder In An Attempt To Protect Her Family

A Texas woman is facing eviction from her home after fatally shooting a teenager who was allegedly trying to break into her apartment earlier this month.

The incident reportedly occurred on December 14 when Aleah Wallace and her four daughters’ usual evening routine was disturbed by a strange noise outside her Fort Worth property.

Were Aleah Wallace’s Actions Justified?

According to the police report, per the NY Post, the incident occurred late at night. She reported hearing noises outside her house and went to investigate, carrying with her a legally owned firearm.

Upon reaching the source of the noise, she reported seeing a young boy attempting to climb through one of her windows.

Fearing for her safety and that of her daughters, Wallace fired her weapon, subsequently fatally wounding the young intruder.

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The police investigation is ongoing in Texas, with detectives actively assessing the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

While local authorities have not yet released any official statement about possible charges against Wallace, the case was passed over to a grand jury for review.

Meanwhile, the property management company of the apartment where Wallace stays has sent her a letter regarding the horrendous situation.

Aleah Wallace Could Lose Her Texas Home

Citing a strict “no firearms” policy in their lease agreement, they issued Wallace an eviction notice. The management’s argument is that by discharging a firearm within the apartment complex, regardless of the circumstances, Wallace violated the terms of her lease.

“So I went, and I stood in the hallway. And I could see him standing at the window, lifting it up. I just shot,” Wallace told Fox 4 News.

“I have four daughters. It’s just me and my four daughters that stay there. I just was protecting my daughters,” she continued. “I’m devastated that he was 14. I hate that. I literally do. And I’m so sorry. But at that point, I had to think about my babies.”

She stressed that because of the incident taking place at night, she couldn’t make out the intruder’s face, or age for that matter. Wallace reacted within a matter of seconds to not only protect herself but also her young girls.

Aleah Didn’t Want Her Kids To Get Hurt

“I didn’t know he was 14 when he was on the other side of that window,” she added. “All I knew was that somebody could come in and hurt me or my kids. That’s it.”

The ordeal has prompted a wave of public discourse on social media, with people expressing their opinions and concerns about the use of lethal force in self-defense situations.

Some argue that Ms. Wallace had every right to protect her family and property while others question whether deadly force was necessary in this situation.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up for the mom, with over 250 people having helped raise just under $11,000 so far.

Meanwhile, the deceased boy’s family is understandably distraught following his death.

They have called for a thorough investigation into the matter, questioning whether their son really posed a threat that justified such extreme action.

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