Tupac Shakur’s Brother, Mopreme, Reacts To Drake’s AI Diss

In September, Tupac Shakur became a trending topic after a man was arrested for his death 27 years after the killing. Months later, Pac is trending again, but this time it’s because Drake used his AI vocals in a diss track. Now, Tupac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur, has shared his reaction to Drizzy’s musical move!

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Tupac’s Brother Said THIS About Drake’s Diss

This past weekend, Drizzy circled back with a second clapback track for Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, and Metro Boomin. This time, the song featured AI vocals from Snoop Dogg and Tupac. Aubrey captioned the Instagram release, “While we wait on you I guess.” 

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Speaking to TMZ Hip Hop, Mopreme highlighted his main concern with Drizzy using his brother’s vocals: weaponizing it in a rap battle. According to TODAY, Mopreme is Tupac’s older stepbrother.

The sibling reportedly said that Drake “using Pac’s voice is like bringing out a tank, or even going with a nuclear option.” Mopreme added that the ‘Views’ rapper’s battle should be “one-on-one…with no outside help.” The 56-year-old added that he loves hearing his brother’s voice outside of a rap battle.

Ultimately, Mopreme shared love for all those involved, including Drake, K Dot, and Cole — who bowed out with an apology to Kendrick at Dreamville Fest. His hope is that the beef doesn’t escalate to physical violence.

Listen to Drizzy’s AI-packed track below. 


Here’s How Snoop Dogg Reacted To The AI Use

Meanwhile, Snoop’s reaction to the diss song with his AI vocals was a lil’ unclear. On Saturday, he shared a video to Instagram, seemingly confused at why “everybody” was calling his phone.

He repeatedly asked “what happened” and “why” before ultimately announcing that he was headed back to bed.

Despite the slightly comical response, Snoop has yet to clarify whether he cleared his AI vocals or knew Drizzy planned to use them.

It appears the Canadian rapper tried to taunt Kendrick, specifically, by using two entertainers that Lamar has expressed love and admiration for.

See Uncle Snoop’s reaction below. 

In other news, Quavo and Chris Brown’s beef seems to have escalated, with both entertainers putting an @ on their disses and even dragging Saweetie‘s alleged bedroom business into the mix!

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