Walmart Faces Lawsuit Demanding Lifetime Free Shopping

In what could be the most audacious move this year, a Texas man named Roderick Jackson is suing retail giant Walmart. His demand? A colossal $100 million or the privilege of unlimited free lifetime shopping.

In March 2021, Jackson, who resides in Waskom, Texas, submitted his first of two complaints against the retail giant for an incident that occurred at a store located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Texas Man Sues Walmart

The first lawsuit from Jackson claimed the same circumstances and events as his most recent filing this week. However, it’s unclear whether both complaints are related to the same alleged incident.

According to the letter, he alleges that he is “sewing [sic] for Civil Rights violations based on race/color.”

In the suit, Jackson argued he’d been “racially profiled the entire time in the store from the beginning to end which led to false accusations of a crime of stealing, which led to a false arrest,” per 5News Online.

Walmart banned Jackson from all of its stores. Authorities allegedly confiscated some of his belongings after the incident and then arrested him.

In his legal docs, Jackson claimed that the distressing events of his alleged racial profiling and forceful arrest caused him headaches and chest pain.

Additionally, he experienced “frequent pain from too tight handcuffs of being detained.”

Aside from the enormous sum he’s demanding to receive from Walmart, Jackson is also requesting for the company to cover all legal expenses related to the lawsuit.

Walmart Addresses The Complaint

A representative for Walmart has since addressed the allegations, saying that the company has a strict policy against all forms of discrimination.

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Mr. Jackson’s allegations are almost identical to a lawsuit he filed against our company in 2021 that was dismissed,” they told Fox News Digital.

“We intend to defend the company against the allegations once we have been properly served and will quickly ask the court to dismiss any claim that are without merit.”

Jackson filed identical allegations against the company in both complaints. However, they dismissed his first case shortly after he filed it, according to Complex.

Once properly served, the company plans to defend its reputation against the lawsuit and requests the court to dismiss any false claims.

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