Logic Breaks Down While Facing His Dad Over Childhood Trauma

Logic put a deeply personal conversation with his father in front of 28,000 YouTube subscribers. Two days ago (Feb. 8), the rapper released an episode of his show in which he confronts his dad over the childhood trauma he caused.

Logic and his dad opened up about the father’s past drug addiction and what’s next for their relationship. The conversation took place during this week’s hour-long plus drop of ‘Logically Speaking,’

Logic Sheds Tears And Begs His Dad To LISTEN To His Experience

At 28:25, he tells his dad that he’s not “angry,” but he wants to talk about the times he felt abandoned.

“When I think about something that could keep a father from his son, there were weekends, once again, I don’t say this, I’m not angry about it. There was weekends as a little boy, I was packing my backpack and….” Logic said.

The artist interrupts himself, admitting he’s getting “emotional,” and then explains that he was about seven or eight years old. He clarifies in the 1:1 conversation that he’s “not trying to milk” the topic but instead “dealing with his emotions” at the moment. Logic said his mother would say Dad is coming, but he’d wait all day without a pickup.

“There’s a part of me that, as grown as I am and developed mentally, there is still that little boy,” Logic says before his dad jumps in. But Logic quickly rebutted, saying, “No, it’s not that, let me finish. The little boy that’s waiting on the curb for his dad. And it’s all good, and I want you to let me finish, Daddy. I don’t want you to talk. I want you to hear me ’cause I wanna be heard.” 

When his dad tried to tell him he “felt his pain,” Logic again asked him not to talk. For another few minutes, the artist explained how he waited every weekend for his dad.

“I waited every weekend, and you never showed up,” he said before breaking down in tears and saying his emotions are a reflection of 33 years. This was the first time the father and son were touching on this topic, he repeatedly said.

As a father to his own son, Logic told his dad he could “never make him sit on a curb” and never show up. He welcomed Bobby with his wife Brittney Nell in 2020, per PEOPLE.

Despite his intense feelings, he told his dad that he loved him and that the show wasn’t to “beat” him up but to talk about where they’re at now.

More On Their Rekindled Father-Son Relationship

Last June, Logic signed his father to his record label, Bobby Boy Records, in front of a live tour audience, per HipHopDx.  His intentions? To “make sure” his father is “safe” and well-secured, including financially. His dad was 69 years old at the time.

Their relationship has seen some rockiness amid its recovery. They’ve fallen out before, and at one point, it was after his dad requested $1 million to start a band and make music. So, last year’s signing was a “dream come true” for the father.

Not everything in the episode was on the tune of his childhood trauma. About 46 minutes into the drop, Logic recalled other childhood memories, including playing “beautiful African drums” and talking about being a Black man.

“I remember, you might not even remember this sh*t, you might’ve been h*gh, but I remember you sitting me down and you telling me what it means to be a Black man,” the rapper said. “You said, never forget what it means to be a Black man; you said as a Black man, I am special, I am unique, I am different.”

Watch the full episode here.

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