Michigan Man Uses Kids’ B-Days As Lottery Numbers, Wins BIG

While most parents see their kids as lucky charms, this dad has the proof to back it up. Michigan resident James Allen is up $200,000 after using his children’s birthdays as lottery numbers and winning!

Allen told the Michigan Lottery that he first believed he had only won $50,000. However, he soon realized the prize money was three times that. The Powerball’s Power Play had multiplied his winnings.

“I checked my ticket and went to bed thinking I had won $50,000 because I forgot about the Powerplay add-on game. When I woke up in the morning, I checked again and realized I had actually won $200,000!”

For context, players can add ‘Power Play’ to their Powerball purchases for $1 at lottery retailers and online. The features multiplies the prize up to 10 times as long as it’s not the jackpot prize or surpasses $2 million total.

Michigan Dad Shares Plans For His Lottery Win

Allen turned in his lottery ticket at an Auburn Hills establishment after the Dec. 30 drawing. According to Michigan Lottery’s Jan. 17 announcement, James Allen swung by their headquarters recently to claim his money. The 63-year-old’s plans for the coins are simple and relatable: paying his bills!

As for his lucky charms, Allen revealed that he always uses his kids’ birthdays.

“Every time I play Powerball, I pick my kids’ birthdays. This time, it really paid off!”

However, he didn’t share how many children he has, their ages, or if he plans to break them off a lil’ piece of the prize pot.

Meanwhile, Todd wasn’t Oakland County, Michigan’s only recent winner. An unnamed 67-year-old cashed in on a $2.7 million one-time lump sum, per lotto officials, after winning a $4 million prize.

“I have played Lottery games for a long time, and enjoy instant games the most,” said the player. “When I scratched the ticket off and saw I had won $4 million I couldn’t believe it. I showed the ticket to my wife just to be sure I had won. After that, it still took a solid 24 hours before it really sank in that I was a millionaire.”

Unlike Allen Todd, this 67-year-old was clear that the money is a blessing for him and his family.

“Winning this money means less stress for me and my family and gives me the chance to help my kids,” the player said.

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